About Us

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca, Ty Burnett began studying and researching natural remedies to replace her Father’s doctor prescribed medications in 2017 when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and high blood pressure. She quickly learned about an array of oils, spices and juices that could naturally battle many ailments. Soon she created a water that helped her immune system boost, highly increased her energy and stamina, and that also kept her stomach flat at the same time and began drinking it daily. She began giving it to her father who showed decreases in his high blood pressure and an increase in his energy once he bagan taking daily. When friends and family began trying her concoction and noticed life changing results in multiple diseases and ailments, she decided to provide it to the people. She currently creates Ty’s Tummy Water from both of her homes in Los Angeles, California and Chicago, Illinois. 



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